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America's Flag Football is the Fastest Growing K-12th grade, Co-Ed Flag Football League in the Nation

Located in your home town, and it's time to get REGISTERED

 Registration is for Fall is CLOSED!

Teams are being created and emails going out to parents and coaches to accept invite to our Sports Engine App. Please check your emails. 




  • Broussard Sports Complex
  • Church Point
  • CSA, Lafayette
  • Kokomo, Indiana
  • Lafayette Christian Academy
  • Lockport, Louisiana
  • Thibodaux Regional Sports Complex
  • Winchester, TN


America's Flag Football League is a family first company. We want it to be just as fun watching as it is playing. So come set up your chairs, kick back and enjoy a fun music-filled sporting event for the whole family. Our coaches make learning the great sport of football fun and exciting for every level of play.

"There is nothing better than seeing smiles on and off the field."


5 vs 5

Grades K-1/2

5v5 is designed for younger players. There are fewer players on the field so the coaching can be maximized. Fewer players means more eyes on each player.                                                                                                                     


Grades 3/4 & 5/6

As players get older, we want to progress closer to what they would see in a jr high / high school setting. The added player opens the game up for a more pass-centric league, but maintains the ability to run.


Grades 7/8 & 9-12

7v7 gives the ultimate competitive experience to get players ready for high school football. This is a pass-only league that is designed to mimic that of the high school game.